DIY Solar Power

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This is the back yard today. When I can afford the rails I will make a solar array.

1b2 solar

DIY solar panels covered with snow

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I want a solar array like this before the summer is over. The big blues are 245 watts each. I would need 3 more panels to make a solar array like this.  Then the formula would be 9 X 245 = 2205 watts per peak sun hour. Here in lower Michigan we have an average of 4.2 peak sun hours. All of the electronics in the system use electricity so I will count the array as 4 peak sun hours and use the calculations as 8820 watts per day or 8.8 Kw per day.

Solar array

I built my own system and it wasn’t easy. I made this website with lots of videos to show the world how easy it can be.

This is my solar back yard  summer 2011.



How to Build a Solar Panel – Part 1 of 3 (New)step by step buying everything off ebay

solar panel encapsulation
This is the solar back yard August 2012.

16 Panels-3 Wind Gens-8 Dec 2012

I’m currently at 1900 watts per peak average hour. I don’t count the 3 wind generators. I think they make enough electricity to run the other electronics. 1900 X 4.2 = 7980 watts per day or 7.98 kilo watts every day. That would be 239.4 Kilo watts per month. This is supposed to be making 1/3 of my electricity.  Just understand that you just don’t hardly make that much free electricity during the winter months. I think that 90 % of the electricity is made during the warm months.

There will be more to this blog soon and the website will get better as time goes on. This is the best solar and wind energy web site that I have seen yet, and its all free information. I will soon have a lot more content on the site.

I want to build a solar array this summer with all the solar panels that I have and maybe big enough for a few more panels. If I can afford it I would like to make another array for all the future solar panels. I have a barn shaped roof so I cant get up there. I will just make a ground based solar array.

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We need a massive increase in electricity generated from alternative energy. If every house and business could  just buy 1-3 panels per year this would make a major difference in the world. I hate the price of gas and electricity, so here I am teaching the world how to make a small change in your life and teach the kids. My son isn’t interested but he is learning.

Energy prices are soaring. It gets worse every year. I want to retire with a small electrical and gas bill. My goal is to have the monthly payment for each of them to be like ten dollars each month.

1000watt solar power station

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